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About Me
– 5’9″/180 lbs
– Played competitively at the high school/AAU and NAIA collegiate level
– Currently compete in various leagues in Fort Wayne, IN against mostly NAIA/D2/D3 and occasional D1 level athletes
– Regular squad consists of ex-NAIA and high school players
Playing Style
– Point guard
– Up-tempo offenses, predicated on drive and kick, spacing and especially pick and roll
– Prefer to pass first, then transition buckets, 3s off the dribble to set up drives to the basket and mid-range pull ups

The game of basketball is about competing and winning, and those two things are based on how you perform. At TGRR, we want to identify the best performance sneakers, regardless of the logo on the shoe, so that you can compete at your best. Not every shoe is built for every player; we all have different needs as athletes. I try to remove as much personal bias as possible from our ratings, while still giving my opinion on how these shoes perform.

This site isn’t my job, but it’s my passion and my reviews are funded out of my own pocket. On the court, I demand the most from my shoes and I review them as if I was still a competitive athlete looking for a shoe that I could use day in and day out over the course of a season.

I hope you find the site useful and informative, with in-depth information about all aspects of the shoes you may choose to hoop in. The shoes you wear don’t make you a better player – that comes from time in the gym on your own. But the right pair can allow you to use the skills you’ve developed to the best of your ability.


8 thoughts on “About TGRR

  1. @finch

    I see that your playing with the AJ2012. Anyway if you don’t mind me asking, whats your cushion setup for hooping? I’m currently using the fly over but lately I don’t like the feel of the articulated zoom in the forefoot. Been contemplating on trying the fly around but need to break in again. Have you tried them? are they good? Thanks.

    1. I actually play in the fly around cushioning system and I find it quite responsive. I haven’t tried the othe two systems so I have really nothing to base my findings on but I like it. The fly around has a very nice zoom bag in the heel which is really nice I hope this helps.

    2. I also have the 2012s in the orange JB classic cw and while I don’t hoop in them I can vouch for the fly around setup as well. I also felt the articulated zoom in the fly over insert wasn’t responsive, and the max air fly through was a little firm. Of the 3, the fly around seems to work the best as a modular cushioning platform

  2. Thanks guys. Really appreciate your feedback. I’m starting to like AJ2012 now especially since It was a nightmare breaking them in.

    Been following your site since someone made a shout out in SC’s Crazyquick review comment section. I enjoyed reading your CQ review. Keep up the good work.

  3. Would you be able to list your height and weight and describe your playing style a bit? I think it might be interesting to read your reviews with that perspective.

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