Prose: Jake Sittler (@jtsittler)

I picked up the Rose 4.5 a few weeks ago, due to the fact the performance shoe releases had either slowed down a bit or were increasingly difficult to cop (seriously, why do they have to make the Kobe 9 Elite so limited? It’s a performance basketball shoe that some of us, ya know, would like to wear on the court and I’m not paying some BS reseller price either).


I had previously struggled a bit with Rose’s signature shoe line, as both the 2 and 3 were not favorites of mine. The cushioning, to me, was non-existent and non-responsive in those shoes. (It should be noted that his first pseudo-signature shoe, the TS Supernatural Creator, is an all-time great performer and one that I scour eBay for on a weekly basis.) I passed on the 4 since I had other shoes I was reviewing at the time, although the “Quick”-inspired midsole intrigued me. I finally came around on the 4.5 and have given it several runs over the past few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Rose 4.5 is one of the best guard shoes I’ve tested.


Like many adidas models that employ a Sprintframe heel counter, the Rose 4.5 runs pretty narrow – especially in the heel. You can see how narrow it’s built looking straight on at the back of the shoe, so if you have a wider foot you might struggle to get in these. Personally, the narrow heel was great and the fit at the heel was completely secure.


Through the midfoot and toebox you have a mixture of synthetic leather and mesh, known as Sprintweb, with the wavy pattern laid out in a way that promotes flexibility. I found the upper to be a little stiff, a little plastic-y at first, especially in the toes where you have a thicker toebox with some structure for protection. Still, you’re able to get a very snug, yet comfortable fit after a game or two when tightly laced and the upper breaks in nicely. If you’re an adidas fan and have played in some other models this year, it’s not 1:1 or glove-like as the Crazyquick, but it locks down way better than the CrazyLight III.


It should also be noted that the asymmetrical collar and Geofit interior padding are both very nice, providing range of motion and interior comfort and structure.

Heel-Toe Transition

As mentioned before, the midsole is segmented similar to the Crazyquick but only on the medial side. The lateral, or outer edge looks basically like a traditional midsole, and the heel-toe transition is excellent. The outsole is set up similar to the Crazyquick as well, with prominent flex grooves and zones. Overall, you’ll get a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off and shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever in that area.



As is the theme with a lot of current adidas models, the cushioning is very low-profile and fairly firm. It’s an EVA midsole with an adiprene insert under the heel (you’ll see it looks like Crazyquick under the insole.) The flexibility aids the responsiveness of the shoe, and I felt like I was able to plant and change direction quickly.
rose45_Court Feelrose45_Responsiveness

The court feel and stability are also excellent, and there’s a surprising amount of midfoot support built into a low-profile cushioning setup. As someone that had experienced some soreness after playing in the Venomenon and HyperRev, the support in the Rose 4.5 was a blessing. You don’t always get that in a basketball shoe but when you do (like in this shoe and the UA Anatomix Spawn) it makes a noticeable difference.




Traction was pure herringbone laid out into various zones on the outsole. The grooves were deep and traction was good from the start on just about any floor. It provided great stopping and cutting ability, and was simply very good overall.



I anticipate the Rose 4.5 holding up very well. The synthetics are high-quality and feel pretty sturdy on foot, even if they are a little stiff. The midsole foam is a proven compound and adiprene is typically long-lasting when it comes to impact protection. The herringbone grooves are thick and fairly deep, while the outsole as a whole is a firm and durable compound. It’s a rock-solid shoe overall.


Rock-solid is probably the best way to describe the Rose 4.5 overall. Want a snug , structured fit? This shoe has it. How about a low-to-the ground midsole, great traction, and midfoot support? Look no further. This is just an all-around excellent guard shoe, and a solid one for anyone desiring a low-profile ride with considerable support and flexibility.

The Rose 4.5 is one of my favorite shoes I’ve tested so far and one that I anticipate hooping in for a long time.


43 thoughts on “Performance Review: adidas Rose 4.5

      1. I just got these kicks but they are really tight where the laces start. Do you think they will eventually adjust and stretch out to my foot width like my kobe 8’s?

      2. Its not going to stretch as much as a mesh-based shoe like the Kobes – the Rose 4.5s thicker synthetics will give you more support but sacrifice flexibility. They’ll flex and break in but probably not to the degree of the Kobes. How many times have you played in em? I felt they were stiff the first few times I wore em but broke in nicely

      3. i only put them on to walk for about 30 minutes.. lol. maybe i should try them on the court a couple of times

      4. Oh yeah get a hoop session or 2 in em, they’ll loosen up. Been one of personal favorites to hoop in this year, and I’m sure you’ve seen the prices dropping lately

      5. sounds good! yeah i had to cop em after they dropped them to 70 plus the 15% email discount and free shipping! thank again man and keep up the dope reviews

    1. Im about 5’8 200lbs. I have somewhat wide feet. I absolutely loved these shoes but they’re very hard to break in and stretch. I bought a second pair a size larger and the same things….it really hurts the side of my feet when i play, Unfortunately, i won’t be using these anymore. I love the shoe, but don’t recommend it if you had wide feet.

  1. The shoe fits me fine, I like that it’s structured and I keep hearing sprintframe
    Is good for plantar fasciitis.

    The kobe 8 use to hurt my knees, but I added an orthotic and it helped, I think the instability of the lunarlon attributed to that.

    So basically I was wondering if the EVA foam on the rose is enough

    1. The EVA is dense and more firm so from that perspective it’s better than Lunarlon. It doesn’t provide as soft of landings, so I’m wondering if your knees will end up feeling it. but if the shoe fits you from my perspective I think the Rose is better.

      Have you ever tried on either the CP3.VII or UA Anatomix Spawn? The Spawn might be perfect for you – a lot of support underfoot if you have plantar fascitis concerns, cushioning is low to the ground but responsive and soft enough, plus the fit is perfect. I know its not a popular shoe but it seriously is as good as anything out right now. The CP3 cushioning is great too if you like playing it lows.

  2. I really like the cp3s great shoe, my go to at the moment. Wish it was a little bit lighter but I guess that would compromise the cushion and feel.

    And the anatomic I tried on but noticed that my forefoot slides over the outrigger laterally.

    1. Yeah that midsole is a little beefy, you gotta sacrifice a little weight to get that cushion.

      And I could see that on the Anatomix too, it’s narrow across the midfoot/toes.

      What about the XX8 SE or Melo M10? They have some of the best cushioning, maybe the best overall, in terms of responsiveness plus a soft ride. Its a narrower one too though.

  3. My son is comparing the CrazyQuick 2 with the D Rose 4.5. He’s a guard. Can you say much about the differences between the two shoes? Thank you!

    1. First, I’d go a half size down in both – but especially in the Crazyquick 2. I preferred the fit of the Rose 4.5, because it’s more snug and supportive. It’s a thicker synthetic upper and more stiff at first but it breaks in. The cushioning is fairly similar, both low to the ground, stable, firm – I liked them both. Overall I think the Rose 4.5 is better because of a more secure fit and better support.

      1. Thanks. Appreciate your help! He tried on the Rose 4.5 and the CP3 VII AE today and the CP3′s felt a lot more comfortable but I’m concerned about how those compare on fit, traction, stability. Last year he had the CrazyQuicks and really liked them. Do you have any input on CP3 in comparison to Rose 4.5?

      2. That’s probably accurate when you try it on initially – CP3 VIIs are really comfortable but I didn’t necessarily like how it translated on court. It didn’t quite fit my foot right either, although a lot of people did like the CP3. I think Rose 4.5 is better overall on court, but isn’t going to be as soft…the new Crazyquick 2s are not near as good as the first version in my opinion. The first ones fit perfect and were my favorite shoes last year – I have a head to head comparison review of the Crazyquicks on the site as well

      3. Thanks. Your reviews are so helpful. Any opinion on CP3 VII AE? He tried on those and Rose 4.5 today and thought the CP3s were a lot more comfortable but I’m concerned about performance since he’s coming from the original CrazyQuicks which he liked a lot.

      4. Haven’t played in the AE version of those CP3s, but did play in the regular version. Loved the cushioning setup and traction, fit was sloppy though. The midcut of the AE might help the fit though

    1. Rose’s are far more stable and supportive – if you are concerned with arch or midfoot support go Rose for sure. Kobes are slightly lighter but not enough to make a difference. Kobes might be softer or more comfortable initially but not after you get a few games in

  4. Hey i m kinda heavy guy, i have 220 pounds and i dont have wide foot, can i wear this shoes due to the cushion?

    1. I think the 4.5s are suitable for most types of players. The cushion is a little firm but it still should be good as far as impact protection is concerned.

  5. Would you say that d rose 4.5 is better than crazyquicks 1?? Since they both use similair quick traction idea..

    1. For me, nothing compares to the Crazyquick 1 because the fit was like a glove. TechFit was a lot more elastic than the synthetics used in the Rose 4.5. The fit for the 4.5 was great, but not quite as flexible or dynamic as the Crazyquick 1. And the outsoles are similar, both very flexible, but the Crazyquick has deeper, more articulated grooves. Both great shoes, but I like the CQ1 better because of the upper and slightly overall better fit.

  6. Hi I am wondering what shoes you would recommend out of the hyperdunk 2013, clutchfit drive, kobe 9, or the rose 4.5. Which shoe is the best for a quick guard who values traction and fit? Also, what do you think are the best guard shoes out right now? Thanks for replying.

    1. I’d rule out the Hyperdunks off the bat, just don’t think Lunarlon or overall fit can compare to the other 3. I’ll start off by saying all 3 are great guard options and it will probably come down to which one fits your foot best. I really can’t say anything bad about the Rose 4.5 and Clutchfit. Rose 4.5 upper is a little more stiff but the lockdown is insane. Clutchfit is more dynamic and flexible, still near perfect lockdown. I probably prefer the Micro G of the Clutchfit a little more than the adiprene of the Rose 4.5.

      The biggest drawback on the Kobe 9 for me was the flexibility of the outsole/midsole. On our IG there’s a picture of me twisting and flexing it like it’s a Nike Free – and the lack of support hurt my feet during longer hoop sessions. Not everyone will have that issue, but definitely something to think about. I also think the drop in Lunar midsole is inferior to the other two setups. That said, the Kobe 9 is gonna have the best traction of the 3 (but all of them are basically perfect) and the fit is outstanding (I’m speaking for the EM version here).

      I would probably go 1A) Clutchfits 1B) Rose 4.5 3) Kobe 9. Try on all of em if you’re able to though. For my money, the Clutchfit is the best guard shoe out right now, with Rose 4.5 and 5 close behind. Fit and traction, plus great cushioning and pretty good price make the Clutchfit my choice. If the Clutchfit lows become more available, then no question would they be the best. I didn’t love the super high collar.

  7. Thanks for the detailed reply, it is much appreciated. If I wore insoles in the hyperdunk 2013 would it be on par with the clutchfit drive and rose 4.5, or not in your opinion?

    1. I would say not. Its not gonna change what the midsole is made of, but I’ve also never liked insoles cuz they make court feel worse and add weight. Hyperdunk just isn’t as good of a shoe.

  8. Thanks for replying. What shoes have the best traction right now, and how would the hyperdunk 2013’s traction compare? Thanks.

  9. I will look into the rose 4.5 shoes. How long will their cushioning hold up for? I am 18 years old, and after wearing the hyperdunk 2013 for a full year am feeling it in my knees after playing for any time longer than an hour. Also, how does their traction compare to kobe 9/ best traction available? I really value traction and fit, and loved the hyperdunk 13. Any other shoe suggestions? Thanks for your informative and quick replies.

    1. Thinner and more firm cushioning for sure, but also holds up better and won’t bottom out like your Hyperdunks have. Not as soft as Lunar though – for some people thats good, others not so much. Traction is excellent, right up there with the best ones…i’m in the Rose 5 right now and really like them. Might want to look at the Soldier 8 too – fit and cushion is reallt good based on the people I’ve talked to

  10. I am deciding between the hyperdunk 2013, and the rose 4.5. I decided not to go for the awesome clutchfits due to ventilation concerns, where do you stand on that? Also do you have any insight on deciding between those? I will replace shoes more often to avoid HD 13 from bottoming out, but still want to get the best shoe for my body and style of play. I am fast, aggressive shooting guard who loves traction, and needs good fit and at least decent cushion. Thanks for your help.

    1. My stance on ventilation is, if I notice it’s bad I’ll point it out but I’ve never played in a shoe that I’ve noticed it being an issue. Maybe I’m not as sensitive to it as others but I never have issues with it – and I don’t think it impacts performance much at all. I wouldn’t rule a shoe out just because of ventilation, but that’s just me.

      I think the fit and lockdown are better on the Rose 4.5 than the Hyperdunk because of how the upper is built with SprintWeb/SprintFrame, and just the thicker, stiffer synthetic. Cushioning comes down to the user, so if you think you’ll be ok with firmer cushioning that’s low to the ground and durable, go with the Rose. I think being an aggressive player, you’ll like the support and containment from the Rose.

  11. Hello I am wondering if the poor ventilation on clutchfit drive is a problem only during the break in period, or all the time? Also, how would the clutchfit drive compare with the hyperdunk 2013? Is the clutchfit drive UA’s Hyperdunk? Which is better from a performance standpoint? Thanks for your reply.

    1. In my prior responses, I made it clear ventilation isn’t an issue for me and I don’t notice Clutchfits being any worse than any other shoe. I also said several times that the Clutchfit is a much better overall shoe, thanks to the lockdown and more responsive cushioning.

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