Prose: Jake Sittler (@jtsittler)

The Nike Zoom HyperRev is likely the most unique silhouette you’ll see this season. Featuring a proprioceptive (it allows you to move naturally) collar, foam-based upper, Dynamic Flywire, full-length Zoom and a Phylite midsole, the shoe is loaded with tech and geared to allow your foot to move naturally.

I initially was drawn to the shoe because of the aesthetic and the functions that followed that form. It’s a unique cut with a unique upper and lacing system, and a welcome artistic departure from (in my opinion) bland, angular designs like the Hyperdunk and Hyperfuse. I simply like my shoes to flow more and be different while achieving a high level of performance, and the HyperRev satisfied that desire.

This is the make-or-break aspect of this shoe. You will either love the fit or hate it; love the freedom of movement or fear for your ankles.

From a lockdown standpoint, it’s Jekyll and Hyde. From the toes to the midfoot, the lockdown is excellent. Dynamic Flywire cables are really, really functional (gasp!) because they’re not embedded in an upper that limits their ability to pull tight to the foot. The only thing between the cables and your foot is a very thin layer of foam sandwiched between two ultra-thin layers of mesh, and when laced tightly the cables do a fantastic job of locking your forefoot over the footbed. The laces go directly through the Dynamic Flywire cables – no fixed eyelets – and that really forces the cables to pull tightly to the foot.


The other side of this coin is the heel fit. There may possibly be a heel counter in there, but it is the most flimsy of any shoe I’ve ever worn on court. The collar wraps high around the ankle and connects to the footbed to provide some support, but there’s nothing locking your heel in. I understand this is a result of the natural motion movement (natural motion is all give-and-take), but I really would have liked to see a small heel cup for some added security.


You’ll feel some heel slippage and there’s very little ankle support because the lack of a heel counter and inability to provide a snug heel fit. For me, it’s not as much of an issue because I’ve never even slightly rolled an ankle, but my ankles were noticeably sore the day after a wearing because of the lack of support. If you have any ankle concerns though, I can’t recommend this shoe.

Heel-Toe Transition
Heel-toe transition is fantastic, hands down. The HyperRev has the smoothest and most natural ride you’ll find on the market (along with the equally perfect Crazyquick). The mobility this offers is simply amazing.


hyperrev_Court Feel


The full-length Zoom bag is glorious, providing great responsiveness and court feel. Paired with a Phylite midsole (a softer, more flexible Phylon) the ride is downright pillowy. If you’re looking for step-in comfort, look no further.


The drawback to this plush comfort is that there is very little structure or support to the midsole – something that was an immediate concern when I saw Phylite was the midsole compound. My arches were very sore after the first few wearings, although I have gotten used to it more now.


The gigantic, 3/4 length Zoom Air window underneath the shoe doesn’t help this either, because it prevents the outsole from connecting underneath the midfoot. This robs the shoe of some torsional stability and leaves a gap directly under the arch where the only support comes from the Phylite and Zoom bag. I’d gladly sacrifice the cool factor of the exposed Zoom bag for some solid rubber underneath my arch to give me more support.

It’s a modified herringbone pattern underfoot, and does an average job of providing stoppage at full speed. It’s not nearly as good as I’d like though, and the combination of shaky traction and a loose fit in the heel initially made me very concerned.


The grooves aren’t deep enough in my opinion – though they work well on a pristine floor, any dust collects quickly and I find myself swiping the soles literally dozens of times during a game.

The jury is still out on this one. It’ll take a good month or two before I really see how the Phylite holds up, how the foam upper retains its little bit of support, if the tissue-paper-thin mesh stays connected to the midsole and how the Flywire holds up under increased stress. Fused overlay graphics give the shoe some structure and protection near the toes, but the rest is foam and airy mesh. Nothing bad to report at this time, but I’m honestly a little concerned with its longevity.


It’s helpful to compare the HyperRev to another natural motion shoe, the adidas Crazyquick. As you know, the Crazyquick was my favorite shoe of 2013 because it offered superior fit and mobility, traction, responsiveness and stability. The only drawback was its very firm cushioning (I honestly didn’t mind it but I know a lot of you did) – but that was inherent given the fact that it was designed to ride low to the ground and provide unrivaled quickness and change of direction ability.

The HyperRev aspires to do the same thing, and it does excel similarly in terms of flexibility and freedom of movement. But Nike’s press release even mentioned the “stability and support” of the proprioceptive heel and collar. That part is simply false. The soft midsole and lack of a solid heel counter compromises the support and stability, and less than stellar traction makes the shoe significantly less secure than the Crazyquick.


Whereas the Crazyquick had a rock solid Sprintframe to lock in the heel to a sculpted midsole and glove-like Techfit upper, the HyperRev has no such heel counter, a flat midsole, and an upper that laces up only to the middle of the foot. There’s simply no way to get the overall lockdown you need.

With that said…I actually enjoyed playing in them. The freedom of movement felt great at times and the cushioning is incredibly soft, responsive and generally comfortable. It’s a fun shoe for me to play in despite the concerns I have, and I have gotten used to the fit more and more.

It’s a shoe you absolutely need to try on first, but it’s worth a look for quick, low-to-the ground guards.

36 thoughts on “Performance Review: Nike Zoom HyperRev

    1. Those straps basically stabilize the arch and provide some padding, and it may help with the midsole hitting your foot more flush. But if you have arch issues, I’d probably avoid the HyperRev just because the midsole is so soft and flexible. If you’re looking for that kind of flexibility, I’d try the Crazyquick 2 (which I’m reviewing right now) or the Rose 4.5 because they both have noticeable arch support but are still flexible and low to the ground.

  1. Thanks for the info. I love to use both of those shoes but they feel narrow for my feet(I have a semi wide foot). I’m a strong, n quick pg/sg who uses a lot of force in my movements. I’m looking for a flexible w/ a very good heel support shoe. I was looking at the kobe ix, kd vi elites, n crusaders. Which of those would u suggest or otherwise? (I have the lebron x, xi’s). Thanks again!

    1. I haven’t gotten in the KD VI Elites, though they are on order but I can’t speak for them yet. I’m not sure the drop in Lunarlon in the Kobe IX would give you enough support – it’s flexible but so soft and I’d think it would bother your arches. The CP3.VII is really good cushioning wise and should give you enough support – plus they have the AE version now too.

  2. Great info, i’ll probly wait for your experience with the KD elites but as for the CP3 VII I was told that the XX8se would be better but I have only tried them on so not sure about either shoe. Kobe IX’s are on the way so i’ll see with those but i’m really curious about the Crazyquick 2 regardless of the fit for my foot. I really want that Hyperrev feel with more cushion and support thats why.

    1. I loved the XX8 SE, just had a bad experience with the forefoot blowout – which was a problem for a ton of people. But cushioning-wise, that unlocked Zoom is awesome, just wish they fixed the engineering on the Zoom bag. What they really need is a 4-way split Zoom bag rather than a vertical split.

      I can tell you for the Crazyquick 2, it’s definitely wider than the 1 and has more support throughout the upper with the synthetic overlays on the 2. Definitely thicker cushioning than the Rose 4.5 and more structure through the midfoot. I agree with you on the HyperRev too, the lack of support and the overly soft midsole killed what was otherwise a fun shoe to play in.

    1. Spawns had the better lockdown – they were like a glove. I think the CP3.VII was probably a little more comfortable underfoot and I’d say the cushioning was better, barely. I loved the Spawn cushioning too for its responsiveness and court feel, but the CP3.VII was so comfortable and still was great in those other areas. I haven’t played in the Spawn lows yet because the platform is the same as the mids, but I’m planning on getting a pair as a backup shoe because I liked them so much.

  3. In your opinion would adding a spenco total support insole to the CP3 VII’s take away a big part of the court feel and responsiveness?

    1. I don’t think it’s really going to effect responsiveness, although it’s going to place more material in between your foot and the Zoom bag so it’s going to feel different initially. You’re also probably going to feel a little difference in court feel for the same reason. An insole won’t necessarily fit the shape of the shoe perfectly like the stock one, but Spenco makes good products and it should give you the support you need. There will probably be a little tradeoff in order to get that support, but it shouldn’t be drastic.

  4. Hey man,always looking forward to your review asialways find them to be very informative and usefull
    As a basketball player i always interested in new tech or design of the shoe ,but sadly only a few shoe that can fit me,my body,and my style of play(im a heavy back to the basket player)and it was mainly retro.
    My question is of course ,how do this couldi fit a heavy power player like me?im usually can give up a lil bit of cushioning as long as it can suport me,like adidas crazy 97,while give me a great freedom of motion that you find in most fyw adidas model,what interest me of course how a shoe marketed as a freedom of motion shoe but having a cushioning as soft as you describe?since no upper support pair with soft midsole equal unbalance and no stability in shoe imho

    1. You’re right – there are very few current performance shoes marketed to a player like you. I still think there are some options that might fit what you need though.

      The HyperRev I think will lack support for you because of how soft and flat the midsole is. There probably won’t be enough medial (inner) arch support to keep your foot from rolling in. Also the upper of the shoe has barely any structure to contain your foot.

      The HyperRev gets its flexibility from the softness of the midsole, whereas FYW gets it from the structure/sculpture of the midsole. FYW was designed to mimic your foot shape, so it was flexible while still maintaining some firm support. HyperRev is just flat and soft.

      A few options you might try (and you may have already): the LeBron X is probably your best option in terms of quality cushioning, support and flexibility for a bigger guy. Its very comfortable and responsive, but still supportive. You could also check out the Hyperposite, which is more firm and less flexible but the Posite structure is gonna give you a lot of support all over. A long shot but maybe the option you’d like best is the adidas TS Supernatural Commander. Its basically got a softer FYW setup and is seriously comfortable and flexible but maintains support. Nice padded upper and a midfoot strap for support too. Run an eBay search and see if you can find any stray pairs.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Hey man thanks for the reply,its really clear things up,and gor your suggestion i have tried lebron x,too bad the zoom 360 on those tired my feet(too many bounce are bad for a heavy guy) i really want to try hyperposite but its a bit pricey in ebay,and not available on my area(i lie at souteast asia)i love supernatural commander but man its hard find them this day

    1. I think that fatigue may come from a lack of a support plate in the midsole too – the Zoom bag gives you some support but not as much as a TPU or carbon fiber shank. I say that because I used to be a running specialist at a sporting goods store and would always have people complain about foot fatigue if their shoe didn’t have a firm enough arch for them.

      Ah that’s bad luck on the Hyperposite, I’m guessing they would be good for you. The firmer midsole sounds like what you’d like. And yeah the Commander would be tough to find, would just have to get lucky. I still look for the Supernatural Creator once a week because I liked it so much. One last one you could try on if it were available would be the Superfly.2 models. Finch has reviewed both the original and PO option and said that the midsole is very solid. The Zoom setup is awesome too.

      1. Wow thanks for the info man,you are right abour the lack of shank on lebron x,and i do prefer my shoes to be firm,and about superfly ,i try them a few time,however there is something about the material that i do not like (and i prefer leather on my shoes too compared to the syntethics)

      2. No problem man, glad I can help.

        The SuperFly2 definitely had more stiff Fuse than the PO version. The PO one has a woven-type panel that should be more flexible.

    1. Two very different shoes. HyperRev has a very soft midsole, bouncy Zoom, really flexible upper. Rose 4.5 is very firm underneath and a stiffer upper with great lockdown. Personally the Rose 4.5 was way better because of the fit and lockdown, plus the cushioning was more supportive and firm. It doesn’t feel as soft as the HyperRev, but it holds up better when you’re 8 games in.

  6. Hey! I just wanted to say I love your reviews, always informative and right on the spot!

    I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on HyperRev’s vs UA ClutchFit Drive? What do you think?

    1. Thanks man, glad you like em. I think the Clutchfit is far and away the better shoe, although I didn’t mind the HyperRev and liked certain things about it. I felt like both were pretty soft, responsive cushioning setups and both had pretty plush, comfortable uppers. But the Clutchfit was way better in the lockdown department and despite being smooth and flexible Micro G still has some support. I just couldn’t get the HyperRev to lock my foot in with basically no heel counter plus the laces barely covering up the top of the foot. Clutchfit also had better traction. The HyperRev felt like a Nike Free in both good and bad ways: comfortable and bouncy, but also no support in the midsole or upper. I’d go Clutchfit for sure

  7. Thanks a lot for the breakdown! Ill be looking to grab a pair! Its too bad about the limited colorways, but, no shoe is perfect!

    1. Good deal man. I think it’s probably the best shoe out right now. I know some stores have more colors now than when I initially bought my pair, but you never know how UA’s merchandising is gonna go. Sometimes it’s real strong but their hoops division doesn’t seem to get as much attention.

  8. Hey! Im stuck between the hyperrev and hyperdunk 2014 and lebron soldier 8 , im looking for the shoe thats have the best attributes on the outdoor court, Im grabbing them on Christmas so i hope u can reply ASAP

  9. Hey jake great review weird that on my tablet and phone some reviews i can see and some i can’t. Don’t know why just wanted to tell you about it.

    Will try to pick these up at the outlet if i can find me some rose 4.5’s there i will get those instead.

    I like adidas’ shoes better because they are better suited for my playing style, grounded, quick, hustle plays all the way like a danny green or bruce bowen but i’m not as good as those two. So i think feet you wear and puremotion are great seups for me personally but do you think there are shoes that are like those from nike’s camp or will i just have to stick with the feet you wear and puremotion setups from adidas? Not that anythings wrong with the firm cushion from adidas, its something i have actually preferred just wanted to try out something from nike that is like the feet you wear and puremotion setups from adidas thanks if you will reply.

    PS. Thanks for your suggestion on the anatomix spawn 2. Been enjoying to how they perform for me.

    1. Glad you like the Spawns, they’re just a good all arounder. I also have had that issue on my phone too – sometimes a review just doesn’t show up, other times it does.

      I’m also a big fan of FYW for the reasons you mentioned – basically court feel and flexibility, firm and fairly responsive. Nike doesn’t really have tech that cradles your foot and allows for natural motion in the same way, probably because the engineering of it is pretty tough. Nike achieves their flexibility and natural motion by either going the Free route (not really in hoops shoes) or making the midsole real thin (HyperRev 2015, Kobe series drop-ins, etc.) adidas does this some too with the CQ line, but FYW is different because it still provides the support and impact protection you need in a natural, flexible package. Such a shame that it’s not able to be used any more.

      1. Oh ok i see. Thanks for the reply i’ll have to cop some crazy 2’s, 97’s, or 8’s before they’re gone or when they retro again.

        Always thought that nike always had an answer for every tech that adidas has, turns out that they don’t all the time.

        Heard some rumors that adidas plans to update their retro hoop shoes. Maybe using boost or primeknit along the upper. That would be sweet. Their feet you wear setups could maybe cage the boost and they make it lower profile and boom! Natural flex, butter transitions, great support thanks to the feet you wear cage, plush cushion that has great court feel and bounce thanks to the boost. That would be one of the best hoops shoes ever created. Too bad its only rumors so far.

        I think the best thing that nike has that can compare to puremotion is the lebron 12’s setup with all the segmentation thanks to the hex zoom, or maybe the kd 8. Dunno what do you think? Great reviews as always.

      2. Yeah companies are always gonna try and 1 up each other on tech – that’s the best thing for the consumer too because we’ll keep getting better and better product. But that would be great to see boost worked into older models and I think it would be good for Adidas if it’s done well – the Futurestar model didn’t work.

        But yeah Hex Zoom or Podulon especially might be the best comp there.

  10. Thanks for the reply! Podulon? I think i need to try on some cp3’s some time soon. Lebron 12’s price is a bit high. Owned a pair of the 6’s before but you coudn’t really feel podulon in those. I really hope someone turns it up a notch and make one of the best performance basketball shoes ever. Nike and adidas lineup do far has been terrific performers all the way. Its up to ua and the other companies to step up.

    1. Yeah Podulon did zoned cushioning with different densities before the Bron 12 ever did, but the 12s were the first to go all Zoom. Neither is really designed to mimic the foot anatomy like FYW though. Podulon was definitely better in CP3 VII than the VI

      1. I will be honest with you never actually thought that cp3’s could be comparable to fyw but you do have a point on the zoned cushioning. Some say the cp3 8 had the best cushion for a cp3 model, did those use podulon/podulite?

        Heard that the curry 2’s will be using speedform for the upper. I think you’ll love those. Imo speedform is ua’s techfit/whatever nike uses. I love ua apparel man. Provides me with the best compression imo and it lasts too especially here in the philippines.

        Outdoor courts here are known to be lets just say a bit worse than usa blacktops. Add the notorius hot weather and some gear/shoes dont even last a month.

        Man, you guys are lucky up there. At least you got indoor courts even though theyre dusty, indoor courts here are mainly for school’s varsity teams, the pro teams, and the occasional renters of the court. But we have no excuses here. We play in shoes, barefoot, slippers in anything really. That may be why we play so tough. Even if we are under sized compared to other countries. Ever played with a filipino or any asian?

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