This project is simply an ideation at this point, but the vision for the finished product is clear: a comprehensive analysis of more basketball footwear than any other site on the planet. The game of basketball is about competing and winning, and those two things are based on performance. We want to identify the best performance sneakers, regardless of the logo on the shoe, so that you can compete at your best. Not every shoe is built for every player; we all have different needs as athletes. Not every shoe is in the financial reach of every player, so value is important as well. This site isn’t our job, but it’s our passion and our reviews are funded out of our own pockets. We’re sneakerheads first and foremost, but on the court we demand the most from our shoes. We hope you find the site useful and informative, providing you with in-depth information about all aspects of the shoes you may choose to hoop in.

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